Sunday, April 9, 2017

Goals of Old Blog Accomplished!

I remember reading some of the exciting tea blogs coming out in 2006 and 2007 and wondering why nothing was ever mentioned about Korean tea?  I wondered why there were no posts about Korea's delicious teas and there were no beautiful Korean tea wears to be found.  I remember thinking that everything in English (and in Korean too) about the topic of Korean tea did not seem genuine or simply was not true to what was acutually going on outside of the capital city Seoul.  I felt that there was nothing that could accurately represent Korean tea culture.  So as a response to this I created MattCha's Blog.

Deep into the study of Seon (Zen) Buddhism, I remember choosing the colour of the blog to be the same grey colour as the Seon Buddhist clothes.  I wanted the blog to be about the tea, not about me, so the text would be the same green colour as tea leaves.  I remember that I deliberately chose to have the blog to be very simple and technologically modest in look and feel, mirroring the teachings.  The blogs name is an old play on words which reflects the above philosophy with my name (Matt) and a common type of tea (matcha).

The old MattCha's Blog, I feel accomplieshes all of these goals and addresses all of these concerns.  


Nicole Martin said...

Korean teas are beautiful but they definitely don't receive the attention they deserve. They are also still pretty hard to find locally, even all of these years later.

Matt said...


You are so right. There are way more English vendors selling Korean tea though. When I started Mattcha's Blog there was one in California, Hankook Tea and one in France- that's it!