Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yunnan Sourcing Tasting Event Mu (2013 Yunnan Sourcing Nan Po Zhai)

This is another blind tasting in the long over Half Dipper/ Yunnan Sourcing Tasting Event.

The large dry leaves smell of very sour-sweet smelling florals there is a citrus like grapefruit odour in them as well. A very light pungent odour lingers underneath.

First infusion has light bitter-sour slight grainy tastes. It has a grainy sour aftertaste which turns slightly floral minutes later. The sour taste lingers in the mouth. The cooling sensation in the upper throat is subtle.

The second infusion is a light sour-citrus-floral tasting affair. It has a slight floral, grapefruit, and slight peanut aftertaste. The mouthfeel is thick and opening and slightly touches the upper throat.

The third infusion carries a taste of bitter-sour but overall pretty light blandish tastes. Their is a long lingering taste of sour-citrus-florals a very slight nutty taste hangs on. The feel continues to be slightly grainy in the mouth. A certain sour-fruity sickiness coats the mouth.

The fourth infusion the sour-bitters calm down just a touch and the more floral-lime qualities start to emerge.

The fifth and sixth are more bland but with a wider breadth of floral tastes which linger in the mouth. The qi is quiet, hitting the stomach mildly. The mind is quietly alerted. There is a slight light penetrating coolness that reaches deeper into the throat.

The seventh is mild tasting with a nice breadth of simple floral tastes over muted bitter and bland tastes.

Guess: This tea doesn't represent the best of any mountain. It is reminiscent of Lincang, area. Still cannot nail down which cake is most likely???

Actual: 2013 Yunnan Sourcing Nan Po Zhai

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This tea seems to be not very popular but maybe good to have a try