Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two Korean Tea Vendors Describe Balhyocha (aka. Hwang Cha, Korean Yellow Tea)

Thought that readers of this blog would enjoy these two great articles from two Korean vendor blogs. They both deal with a difficult topic, describing what exactly is balhyocha?

In this article by Arthur Park of Morning Crane Tea, he covers the confusion and ambiguity of Korean tea naming conventions as it pertains to balhyocha. Interestingly, he draws comparisons to very very rare tea productions such as Korean oolongs (such as this tea) and Korean red teas (such as this tea).

In this article by Gabriel Furnari of Jirisan Tea Company, he covers an important point- that teas in East Asia are named not by the colour of their leaves but by the colour of the liquor. He explains how this naming convention pertains to balhyocha. He also goes over some details of the production of balhyocha as well.

For more information on these topics and other points not covered in the articles please see the detailed three part series of posts on balhyocha:

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