Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Castleton Estate FTGFOP 1CH (SPL) First Flush Darjeeling

One took this nice warm spring afternoon to enjoy the first 2012 tea of the season. This sample was gifted by Pedro, of Dao Tea. He is very busy in anticipation of the opening of his new brick and mortar store this July in Vancouver. This tea came from Lochan Tea although it is not listed on his new look web page.  It is however available from Tea Trekker.

The 2009 first flush from Castleton Estate was quite memorable, lets see if this tea has what its 2009 brother had...

The dry leaves smell of fresh, subtle limey-lemon florals which come from leaves that are a real mix of light greens, hairy whites, medium and dark greens and browns.

The first infusion delivers distinct, fresh, soft grape notes with very subtle soapy Thrills Gum initial taste which has a nice round juicy sweetness about it. Underneath are soft tangy notes which linger in the mouth. The mouthfeel is especially felt on edges of lips and front of tongue. It leaves a very thin, soft powdery-puckery sensation behind. A blue berry aftertaste finds its way to the breath.

The second infusion begins with that very distinct grape taste which is just very slightly muddled and nicely balanced by a indistinct deep taste. These tastes come together like a slightly chalky-vegital taste under a very round and vibrant grape. The aftertaste is a clean grape-blue berry taste. The mouthfeel gets caught between the teeth, gums, cheeks, and mid throat now.

The third infusion is still full of distinct grape tastes. This grape now descends a bit deeper into the base lending itself to a gummier, deeper grape flavour. The mouthfeel continues to expand now covering the full mouth and upper throat. The qi is mild and light with energy circulating on the skin's surface and a very mild warmth on the hairline.

The fourth infusion sees the base taste of deeper vegitals gobbling up that grape taste. Now it leaves just faint hints of grape. The mouthfeel has diminished slightly although it still covers the mouth nicely. The aftertaste is edges of this grape taste.

The later infusions are very long and push out mainly just watery, barely sweet, grapey edges.

Edited with Tea Trekker link May 5/2012


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