Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kim Kyoung Soo's Grey & White Pots and Cups: Part 2- Form

The form of Kim Kyoung Soo's grey & white pots and cups is simple. If you glanced quickly at these pieces the form would perhaps not grab you. If anything, the bland colours would catch your eye and the shape would simply escape attention.

The pots all pour nicely- there are probably pots that pour smoother.
The cups have a fluted edge that sends the tea into the mouth nicely- there are probably cups that bring out more flavour.
The tea caddies have lids that cover the caddy sufficiently- there are caddies that have lids that probably fit better.

These pieces are modest in their form and function imparting modesty to those who prepare tea with them. The form has a certain simplicity to it that doesn't stand out. Because it doesn't stand out, it stands out.

It is no wonder that ones grey and white Kim Kyoung Soo teapot is perhaps the only Korean piece that has not yet received a comment here on this blog despite making frequent appearances.

In the spirit of the historical Korean mountain potter, these pots are made quick and without much thought. The form is a manifestation of this natural simplicity that takes place when man is working within the rhythms of nature, carefree and simple.

The end product is a reflection of this potters mind- simple and humble.


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