Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New York Tea Gathering

While in New York this month one met up with the NYC tea group. All the heavy hitters were there- Toki from the Mandarin's Tea, Yumcha from The Tea Gallery, Brandon from Wrong Fu Cha, Evan from Pluck Tea, and Michael and Winnie.

We started with a wonderful three week old shincha, the first of the season for all of us- its freshness set the stage for the tea to come which included an interesting experimental slow roasted Oolong of Michael's, an qi packed High Fired Wuyi Old Bush ShuiXian from Toki and a rare raw puerh purchased in Singapore from that same "seasoned tea drinking pup".

Please follow this link to a wonderful write-up, pictures, and video of the detailed goings on at this gathering by Yumcha. It was great to met up and share tea and conversations with fellow teaists.



toki said...

Thanks MattCha ~ The pleasure is mutual and wonderful. Love that Shincha! Warmest ~ Tea Drinking Pup.

Matt said...


Shincha that fresh is always a treat! Sharing it with a room full of tea lovers makes it even more enjoyable.

Adam Yusko said...

I am so sad I couldn't make it, I had to opt out last minute in order to finish a Thesis paper, It would have been nice to meet you Matt.

Matt said...


There were a few people that couldn't make it. If everyone would have came, it probably would have been too much anyways. You know what Zhang Yuan said about the number of guest in Record of Tea. ;)

If you ever make it up to Vancouver Island, would love to meet over tea.