Monday, May 10, 2010

2009 Dao Tea Kim Shin Ho Hwagae Valley Saejak Green Tea

The dry leaf is a dusty light green and smells of deep malty nut with subtle lilic hints- or perhaps it is the scent coming from the window.

The first infusion is prepared when the water spends some time in the cooling pot. It displays watery nutty tones and is buttery and creamy. This mellow yellow-green liquid lacks any vegetal quality.

The second infusion is more of that buttery nutty taste but this time a dry finish accompanies the flavour. The taste is simple, nutty, and straight forward and a mouthfeel that satisfies. There is some floral notes in the aftertaste but mainly nut flavours.

In the third infusion the nutty notes turn more rubbery, the mouthfeel is full in mouth and throat, the aftertaste is dry with a very subtle hint of floral which disperses quickly. A bit of a wood taste is mixed with the dry finish.

The wood flavour is more apparent in the fourth and fifth infusion and becomes rubbery and dry.

Later infusions are rubbery and dry as even wood notes peter out. The chaqi is faint.



Sir William of the Leaf said...

Seems like a very relaxing tea.
Sometimes complexity can make a tea overwhelming.
Relaxing with something simple sounds good!

Matt said...

Sir William,

Think your judgement of this tea is dead on- relaxing, simple, good. This tea probably had more to it when it was fresh but is still enjoyable considering.


Asiatic Fox said...

That video was neat. I've always wondered what it looked like preparing tea. Looks almost calming.

I agree with William. Simple is often the best thing to have in a tea. Sure, while one can learn and study the various flavours, scents, mouth textures, etc. of tea, the most important thing is sitting back and enjoying it.

I hope all your tea is enjoyable.


Matt said...


The motions of Kim Shin Ho are almost hypnotic, he really takes care in hand processing his tea. No doubt some of this transfers to the relaxing feel of the finished tea.