Monday, October 12, 2009

A Beautiful Autumnal Buncheong Style Tea Bowl By Uh Sang Myung

This bowl is autumn.
Everything about it seems in harmony with the goings on outside ones window these days.

Its traditional blotchy buncheong style holds ones attention. Most bowls of this style seem to emulate the onset of spring, the colourful blotches representing the blossoming spring flowers outside. This bowl is not your ordinary buncheong bowl.

The dry look-gloss sets the overall mood of the bowl- the feel of autumn. The dry feel is especially apparent as one cradles this bowl in attentive palms. It feels soft but rough, dry but not abrasive.

The muted, neutral, lighter blue hued grey of the bowls sides provides a perfect backdrop for the colourful spots. Like the changing leaves outside, these spots have a center that is being infringed upon by encroaching colour.

The pattering on the inside of the bowl captures the movement of falling leaves. The sparse blotches near the wood-brown rim of the bowl seem to act like leaves blown from tree branches, accumulating in piles on the shallow of the bowl.

This movement is made more profound as frothy green matcha is sipped away from its insides.

Vibrant green changing to autumnal reds.
Summer to Autumn.
This is the movement of now.



Veri-Tea said...

That is one of the most beautiful bowls I've seen. Thanks for sharing it!

Matt said...


Thanks for enjoying it.


ginkgo said...

I love the spots and also the wole shape that is not symetric...

Matt said...


There is so much going on with this bowl. It is always a pleasure to drink tea from it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a good Autumn piece. Perhaps it would be ideal for drinking Puerh. --Spirituality of Tea

Matt said...


Small cups which retain heat, bring tea close to the nose, and allow for a quick sip are generally preferred for puerh. Tea bowls have a form conducive for making and drinking matcha.