Saturday, October 17, 2009

2008 100% Lao Ban Zhang (Nada)

With a long haul of young puerh consumed over the last few weeks from the Yunnan Sourcing Tasting Event, one thought it a good time to try another. The label in this sample says simply, "100% Lao Ban Zhang".

This sample was sent a while back but was not forgotten. Its very dark brown dry leaves present sweet pungently deep odours. One sniffs away until water boils. A few light coloured furry tips induce curiosity.

Mmm... Creamy notes are suspended on the tongue for a while, a strong tobacco melts into a slight sweetness leaving a full feeling on tongue, roof, and cheeks. Qi swings through ones body. This tea is strong. Tobacco undertones become stronger when more leaf is added.

The next few infusions tingle on the lips, the throat is stimulated, the feel of this tea covers all bases. There is a subtle fruity taste that blips in only in some sessions. The tea finishes very cool. The tobacco notes infringe upon sweet during these infusions, pushing them into the aftertaste. The yellow of the liquid mirrors the tinny chrysanthemum next to it. The qi moves briskly- energizing, stimulating , then sedating.

As the sessions pushes onward the qi becomes stronger as the flavour becomes more gentle. The harsher tobacco edges smooth out and this tea becomes a lot lighter and enjoyable. The aftertaste, now shares most of the grit. The compounded affect of many back to back infusions can push the mouthfeel over the top, almost choaking one as one chokes back this delicious tea.

Because of such power this tea can be enjoyed through many, many, many infusions. Even when other teas would have turned into water this tea still gives birth to lively, light, sweet tea. The mouthfeel and qi push this one through.

Ones body surges with energy, almost making one ill. It's time to call it quits.



Bret said...

Hmmm, looks very similar to the Lao Ban Zhang I had yesterday. So good and so strong. If not carefull nausea will rear it,s ugly head. Not a tea for everyday. Your tea looks delicious in the white cup, where did you get the cup, may I ask?

Matt said...


“Not a tea for everyday”

Yes, tried drinking this tea two full days in a row and ones guts paid the price!

That little cup is a one of a kind piece by Sel Young Jin. It's the latest superstar on this blog. Justifiably so, its beauty surpasses any cup one has ever seen.

Here is a link to a post a few months back on this very cup:


Anonymous said...

I've had true wild Puerh before that reminds me of this. It's so energizing that even a small amount of tea will work powerfully. The problem with it is I don't know when is appropriate to drink the stuff. When will it not push me too hard? --Spirituality of Tea

Matt said...


It depends on your body's constitution. For most people a strong tea like this should be consumed only when their overall energy is strong especially the energy of the middle jiao.