Friday, April 10, 2009

One More Interesting Tang Gwan (Tetsubin) By Kim Jeong Hoon

One loves the blooming lotus flower knob and how the rusty metal handle is arching low over the full sized body of this pot. If you look closely you can see the auspicious coy fish broadsided by the handle, feeding on the spout. Kim Jeong Hoon really pulls off an interesting pond motif here.


speakfreely said...


Does Kim Jeong Hoon sell his wares on line anywhere? (Due to a Korean actor of the same name getting thousands of hits, I'm not sure whether he has a web site or not.)


Matt said...


Hahaha. Upon checking out a search on ‘Kim Jeong Hoon’ one found out that some of his big hit songs were often playing in those dreaded cellular phone stores that riddle almost every block of Korea when one lived there.

The ceramicist ‘Kim Jeong Hoon’, like most phenomenally talented Korean ceramicists, has no web pages in English. Very very few even have Korean sites.

It was a bit of a surprise that this store in Daegu had a wall full of his tang gwans!