Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 Jungpana SFTGFOP1 1st Flush Darjeeling

Lochan teas offer quite the writeup on Jungpana, rightly so.

Sniffing this dry leaf from the just opened packet one comes across very sweet smooth high notes that are slightly fruity and flowery. These notes are powerful. There is no greenish or muscatel smell in these very multi-coloured 'anything goes' mix of leaves.

These leaves go in, the hot water follows, out comes the tea.

First infusion results in an exceptionally mellow flowery taste. Back notes suggest a stronger fruitiness in infusions to come. There is something more 'black tea', more oxidized, more 2nd flush, more classic Darjeeling about this one that makes it quite enjoyable.

The next infusions create a yellow liquor that is dark and rich with a sweet honey-grape with flowers taste. It seems to lack an overpowering muscatel or deep forest taste which makes room for these higher notes. The mouthfeel is drying but not overbearing. This tea is mellow, flavourful, and very spring-like.

Because this tea has no deep bottom, unfortunately, it drops off fast. Grainy, dry honey sweetness is pretty much all that is left after just a handful of infusions. While, it was good while it lasted.


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