Friday, October 24, 2008

Shin Hyun Churl's Ten Cup Tea Pot

This pot is a beautiful giant. It displays many of the signatures of a typical Shin Hyun Churl work only in epic proportions. Viewing the glazing on the large side body is almost like looking at a beautiful work of art hung on the wall. One almost feels as though one is staring at a work of art within a work of art. Never had one seen a tea pot so big yet so beautiful before. Removing the heavy lid is like lifting a small teapot in and of itself. Wrapping ones whole hand around its large stable handle feels like pouring a pitcher of ale. The sight and feel of it left one with the impression that this pot wasn't made for use but more to just enjoy for its artistic value. This piece oozes with atheistic beauty, but all beauty aside, how could one ever leave a teapot thirsting for tea?



eileen said...

How would you brew the tea for this pot? What would you use? Would you reinfuse?

Matt said...


You'd need a lot of leaf, lots of beautiful tea cups, and guests that are more beautiful than the pot and the tea brewing in it.


Anonymous said...

I love the aesthetic appeal of this pot!