Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lee Qwang's Brazier Style

These electric braziers by Lee Qwang are a step away from the earthy puncheongwear usually found on this blog. His use of thick, ultra shiny glazes are a treat for the eyes. His braziers all contain lids which cover the heating coils when not in use. The greenish glazed braziers contain a lotus motif where the brown glazes contain a woody motif. Staring at them, you simply get lost in the glaze.


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Jessa said...

i stumbled upon your fabulous blog as i was doing an online search for a tea shop in daegu. do you happen to know the name of a tea shop in the main shopping area (dongseongno street area) that is near the KFC? it is a small shop with piles of tea wares (and tea) crammed inside and in the back of the shop there is one little table and several chairs where the owners sometimes serve customers tea? i want to call them to find out if they are open on sundays. if you have this information and the time to let me know, my email: thanks so much! i'm thrilled to have found your blog. :)