Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Purely Beautiful Tea Set by Shin Hyun Churl

The purity of this cracked glaze is begging to be filled with the karma and residue that only a good tea could leave behind. Dirtying its purity, accentuating its beauty. This tea set is not a tea set without tea.



Jason Fasi said...

their exceptional glaze texture twists my mind with trompe l'oeil: milky soft like white taffy, but hard enough to crackle. I hope I can achieve something similar on my pieces. It's one of my favorite effects.

ginkgo said...

very femimine tea set ! elegant and robust too

Matt said...


This effect is truly wonderful, one of the best examples ever seen. Wishing you the best with your newfound hobby. It's always nice of you to stop by.


Feminine, Elegant, Robust...
couldn't agree more.

Love hearing your opinions on these ceramics, both of you.