Sunday, June 22, 2008

Korean Style Tea Table

This table is a Korean original by ceramic artist Kim Kyoung Soo. Its rustic, natural, and earthy feel is what characterizes Korean ceramics. Its colour adds to this feel with one side of the table exhibiting rusty brown under a spackling of black blotches which slowly fades into and intertwines with smaller dark green spots over a lighter green as one's view moves toward the other end of the table. Beautiful.

The perforated center plate is made up of earthy mate reddish clay with the edges exhibiting a burnt-in glossy black finish. The two side holes make it easily removable by just inserting your two index fingers and lifting thereby disclosing the beauty of the inside walls and floor. Underneath this table hides the wonderful calligraphy of the artist.

This table really comes alive when you place a tea pot on it. When one's yixing pot is placed on top, the rusty browns standout, pulling at and complimenting the pot. When one's ceramic grey, white cloud, Kim Kyoung Soo pot is placed in the same position the dark black patterning jumps out (not shown).

Due to the ceramic materials that this table is made of, it can really hold heat for a long time. This can be advantageous when brewing dark teas. Also, it should last a life time so there is no need to replace it every year.


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