Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Early Thoughts on Sampling Scott’s Bao He Xiang Picks

I really enjoyed my time sampling the three pricier Bao He Xiang puerh (here, here, and here) offered at Yunnan Sourcing.  I like when western vendors focus on another vendor and pick out some of their favorites.  I also found it interesting how each of these blends were totally and completely opposite each other and had a very specific goal in mind.  The wrappers also seem to reflect the feeling of each blend as well.  The diversity within the Bao He Xiang factory seems very broad from my sampling of these three.

The price seems about right for what you are getting.  With that being said, there are dimensions of each blend which are undervalued for the price they are sold for.  It should be stated that there is not much information offered to the customer about the location of the blending material- similar to the lack of information in white2tea descriptions.  If there are any readers that have sampled Bao He Xiang and haven’t yet tired white2tea they should give them a try and vice versa.

I look forward to sampling some Bao He Xiang in future orders… if that's the way it goes down...


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