Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Have You Ever Lost a Tea?

Well, I feel kinda bad about saying this but I lost a sample that was sent to me recently.  This has never happened to me before.  Sure, I have misplaced teas and I have found teas I forgot I even had to begin with…  But losing a tea… that’s new for me.  And the story is kind of fishy…

The last time I saw it was next to my gongfu set up at work in the staff lounge.  I had both the 2017Zheng Si Long Yibang and 2017 Zheng Si Long Gedeng next to each other and was deciding which of the two I was going to indulge in.  I was in the mood for something lighter so went Yibang.  The 2017 Zheng Si Long Gedeng was RIGHT there next to my tea set up the whole time.  That is the last time I saw it.

The tea set up is right up there on the dining table and all my wonderful and trusted colleagues know that it is a sacred space, an island of Zen, smack dab in the middle of the fast pace rigors of work life.  But they wouldn’t have took it…

So I searched over and over all of the possibilities of where it could have been moved or maybe where I would have logically moved it in a moment of absent thought... But nowhere could it be found.

I wonder if one of my colleagues maybe tucked it into their lunch bags or boxes or what have you in a moment of cleaning up after eating lunch?  Or worst, thrown it in the garbage?

Anyways, I have to let it go.  It’s been over one week and still has not shown itself.  2017 Zheng Si Long Gedeng… the one that got away.



Tiago said...

Don't worry. I'll send that one again. :)

Perhaps some happy Qi one too. :)

Matt said...


The one that got away will return once more!

Many thanks.