Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 ZeDa Wild Jiri Moutain Korean Yellow Tea

This tea from Good Green Tea has been an Autumn staple over the last few years. To read more about the traditional and all natural process that this tea goes through please see these posts here and here. On this fall day the water boils...

The first infusion delivers a fine apricot sweetness followed up by a cinnamon-persimmon taste which lingers in the mouth. This first infusion is light, sweet, clean, and fruity. It has a lingering aftertaste of spicy, vibrant apricot pie. MMMmmm... The qi is nice and warming in the body, flushing the face slightly and imparting a subtle warm lightness in the body.

The second infusion is full of warm, sweet tastes. Apricots approach first then a nice sweet woody taste is explored. The mouthfeel is watery and a bit fuzzy on the tongue. It creates a light stimulation on the cheeks and at the back of the throat.

The third infusion has a sweet pumpkin-spice taste with a distinct undercurrent of sweet milky-bready coco. The taste is expansive and yummy. There are many nuances to the flavour in this infusion all within a stereotypcially soft balhyocaha mouthfeel.

The fourth is a sweet, fruity, woody affair with a subtle coco aftertaste on the breathe. The mouthfeel is stronger on the tongue now but still quite soft.

Currently one is on the fifth infusion and things are still quite enjoyable.


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