Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Rohini FTGFOP 1 CL- EX 03 First Flush Darjeeling and An Explanation of Darjeeling Lot Abbreviations

This tea is one of two 2013 first flush samples from Rohini Estate that was gifted by Lochan Teas. This sample contains the abbreviation "EX 03" and the other "DJ 01". The Lochans explain the differences between these teas:

"The main difference between the Rohini DJ 01 and Rohini EX 03 is the age difference. The EX 03 was manufactured and purchased several days before the DJ 01. The industry difference between EX and DJ lots is the sizes. DJ lots are typically 100 kilos or more while EX lots are less than 100 kilos. When a garden wants / is forced to sell part lots of a particular tea in Darjeeling, it marks that particular lot as an EX lot."

On their website they also have a DJ 11 lot for sale.

Let's boil the kettle and see what this tea has in store for us...

Opening the package reveals sweet-pungent-creamy-muted scents. There are layers of savory-sharp-rubbery notes in the bouquet as well. Leaves are stemy, rolled and crushed leaves that are in faded greens- both light and dark.

The first infusion is steeped and very light, watery, barely sweet initial taste arrives first. It has empty floral edges and hints at distant, faint mango and tomato tastes. The mouthfeel is soft and slightly drying in the mouth. It is particularly felt on the tongue and upper throat. The upper throat stimulated just a little. A sensation in the head is felt immediately, the qi is also felt gripping at the stomach. There is a soft rubbery aftertaste lingering in the mouth followed minutes later by a faint nutty taste.

The second infusion is more of a creamy-bland-wood-caramel initial taste. It turns to bitter-astringent- muddled grape notes. The mouthfeel is astringent and dry. A faint rubbery-muted-brackish grape note lingers in the aftertaste among the dry-sticky mouthfeel. One breaks into a sweat from the heavy qi of this tea ones stomach feels raw. Minutes later the aftertaste looses its rubbery taste leaving long, simple, florals in the throat. The strong qi makes the mind swirl.

The third infusion is a light, watery, bland tutti-frutti taste with simple vanilla taste that fades fast into a dry-bland-watery taste. Some faint floral vanilla notes appear and disappear on the breath, a pear flavour develops.


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