Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Victoria Tea Festival (There is going to be a Korean Tea Ceremony!)

One has written extensively about the Victoria Tea Festival over the last 4 years and have seen it change dramatically in that time (click this link then scroll down to see all the posts). This year there are some noticeable changes to the festival. First, this years festival will only be one day (held on Febuary 9th) instead of two. Second, maybe the most obvious, is the open invitation for coffee roasters and other non-tea related exhibitors. This was happening more and more over the years anyways and last year it was very apparent that this wasn't a tea exclusive event. The third is the absence of local tea shops sponsoring the event. A few years ago the sponsors were mainly all local tea shops, now there is only one, the juggernaut DavidsTea. The fourth difference is the absence of the most popular tea shop among local Victorians, Silk Road. In all the previous years Silk Road was a main sponsor, occupied much of the main tea floor, and was guaranteed a presentation slot. Silk Road's absence in the festival will definitely be felt, especially considering how brilliant their displays and decoration were.

So then, what is there in this year's Victoria Tea Festival to look forward too?

Here is four good reasons to go to this years Victoria Tea Festival...

Well there are still some great returning exhibitors. Jagasilk, Chado Tea House, and May Ip Tea Gallery have great, passionate exhibitors that are worth a good chat and a sample of their teas.  Secondly, one has meet some of my best tea buds at previous Victoria Tea Festivals If you are passionate about a certain kind of tea, chances are that you will find someone at the tea festival who is just as passionate as you.  Thirdly, there are two presentations that one is really looking forward to. There is a presentation on medicinal herbal tea blends by David Cauldwell. If you haven't heard David speak you should go, he is full of interesting knowledge on how herbs heal! There is (finally) a presentation on the Korean Tea Ceremony! The presentation will be given by Greg Demmons the description of his presentation is as follows:

"Originally from Newfoundland, Greg and his wife, Patricia, moved to South Korea to teach in 2003. Greg began individual study of the Korean tea ceremony with local Tea Master, Kim Kyungui, after a chance meeting at a mountain hermitage. One year later, she requested that he remain for 4 more years of individual instruction. In November 2007, he was granted permission to teach the dado (Korean Tea Ceremony), by his Master and the city."

His twitter feed describes the following:

"Studied under Kim Kyung-ui, aka, Cho INmok, in Ich'on, South Korea for several years. I specialize in the meditation ceremony."

Have never heard of Greg before but can't wait to meet the guy and experience his master's take on the Korean tea ceremony!

The fourth reason is that the event is a charity event, so why not go support the local charity?

See you there.



Steph said...

I hope it is a very enjoyable conference for you. I'll look forward to the reports.

Matt said...


Aye aye, reports submitted soon... hahaha...

Thanks for your interest Steph.