Thursday, November 3, 2011

2010 Hai Lang Hao "Ba Ma Gong Chun" Nannuo Shan

This is another sample from Hobbes produced under the guidance of Hai Lang. Scott from Yunnan Sourcing offers a description of this tea which explains that its from the Northern area of Nannuo Mountain.

When the dry leaves are examined they offer up a nice fruity, light, smooth mix of furry colours. These leaves exhibit a sour, nose tingling pungent-floral ordour that is quite stimulating.

They submit to a quite rise then a short first infusion which offers very spicy-pungent floral notes presenting first and fading into a pungent and floral sweetness with a certain gummieness appearing. The aftertaste is a continuation of these tastes held together with a soft sticky mouthfeel.

The second infusion offers less spicy florals which slide into a bubble-gum sweet aftertaste. The aftertaste is of this soft, thick, soupy, sticky gummy type. It is most notable on the lips and tongue but coats the whole mouth. The sweet bubble gum floral aftertaste lingers.

The third infusion is much of the same but a very light bitter-bland rubbery taste emerges slightly under nice florals in the finish. The returning sweetness tries unsucessfully breaking through these tastes.

In the fourth infusion this bland aftertaste has wiggled itself into the inital profile as well. It presents as a bland-floral taste, still slightly pungent. The aftertaste is still gummy, fruity and sweet and makes its way on to the breathe. The qi of this tea stagnates in the stomach slightly, it mildly alerts the mind.

The fifth infusion delivers more light spicy-pungent floral sweetness as well as a bitter-bland taste that shares room with fruit and flowers in the aftertaste. This infusion is relatively sweeter than the infusions that came before.

In the sixth and seventh infusions the brackish somewhat grittier bland bitter notes encroach more on the fine florals and lighter tones. The tea now leaves a rubbery bland taste in the mouth along with some lesser noted florals. The qi is on the whole soft and doesn't assert itself over ones mind.

This tea continues in this direction for the following infusions with more of the bland-muddled floral-fruit taste taking over.


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