Monday, October 18, 2010

Dao Tea Tasting Event: 2009/2010 Kim Shin Ho Hwagae Valley Balhyocha

These days have been perfect for balhyocha (Korean yellow tea). One has gone through more than a few orders of this tea over the last year. Here is a link to a post on this tea consumed during the March equinox last year.

Link to Adam's (The Sip Tip) Tasting Notes

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David said...

I spent a wonderful time with this tea. My only regret is to have drunk it while it was hot. I imagine its warming effects would have been very comforting in these cold days. Its chaqi was very calming and relaxing. I remember this to be quite noticeable.

It was fruity, more than the other balhyocha. It made me think of Bai Hao wulong, with stronger citrus notes and aftertaste. Everything in this tea is smooth.

I really enjoyed it. One of my favourite of this tasting.

Many thanks.

Matt said...


"Everything in this tea is smooth."

So true. Glad you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Matt, Yesterday I received a Korean green tea from the Detroit Zen Center. These folks are partnered with a Korean temple. Take a look at their effort at .

Matt said...


Thanks for pointing us there. One has contacted them by email for details on the Korean green tea they sell and will add them to the list of English online vendors of Korean tea ( )


M said...

This being my first Balhyocha I wasn't sure what to expect. When I opened the package and sniffed something definitely seemed familiar but I couldn't pinpoint what it was. Thought about it... aha Keemun. Of course it didn't smell exactly like a Keemun, but I think the resemblance is pretty clear if you look for it.

Putting the leaf in a pre-heated vessel revealed some other notes. Once again, baked bread seemed to dominate, but I still noticed the familiar Keemun smell underneath.

The brewed tea was slightly sweet and slightly savory, a nice balance. Unfortunately, flavor quickly dissipated by the second infusion but the mouthfeel improved. I was a little unclear on the labelling of this tea, but my guess is it's from 2009.

A new tea experience for me. Thanks!