Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Canadian Tea Garden

Almost a year ago a friend had mentioned that he had grown a few tea bushes on his land here on Vancouver Island. When asked about the growing conditions and care, he said that it grew fine with very little care.

Tea grown in Canada- sounds kinda crazy...

Actually its become a mission of once tea shop owner turned tea consultant, Brendan Waye. He initially scouted out land in the wine growing district of Cowichan Valley and is now looking to do some experimental planting just off Vancouver Island on nearby Salt Spring Island. Apparently, he hopes to plant a few different varieties of seeds and see what produces the best result.

It sounds preposterous, but considering Vancouver Island shares a similar climate as Washington, where an experimental tea garden currently exists, it doesn't seem that out of the question. Even Brett from Black Dragon Tea Bar in nearby Seattle has grown some backyard tea.

Local tea...

One quietly ponders the benefits of such things in meditation with tea.



Sir William of the Leaf said...

I actually know Brendan pretty well.
Earlier this week, in Vegas, I was talking to him at a reception (on my blog post he is in one of the photos) and I remember him mentioning something about growing tea. He is quite successful in the tea industry and I think if someone were to start up a garden, he would be a great candidate!

Matt said...


Sounds like a good man for the job.


Brett said...

Thanks for the nod to my two backyard tea plants! I'm hoping to make a summer tea in the next few week.

I would really love to try BC Tea sometime!

Matt said...


Kudos to you, Brett!

Can you offer any advice to anyone thinking of planting tea in this climate?