Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Predictions of Yunnan Sourcing Tea Tastings

Thanks Scott & Hobbes for making this happen. One is truly grateful to sample these delicious teas...

Alpha = Wu Liang
Beta = You Le
Delta = Ban Zhang
Gamma = Bu Lang
Epsilon = (damn, damn, damn good) WiWu

Detailed tasting notes and comments on the Half-Dipper to follow over the next week.



Hobbes said...

I'm very glad that you enjoyed the event :)

Bret said...

Wasn't this a great experience? These teas are a real treat for the eyes, beautiful! And so tasty too. I see your quite fond of the Epsilon as well, for me this one stood way above the others. In fact Ive already ordered a couple of cakes. Cant let these slip by, I,d be pissed off for a long time if dawdled and missed my chance.

Matt said...


It will be interesting to toss around thoughts on these wonderful teas.


Yes, that 'Epsilon' was especially close to ones heart. Its profile was reminiscent of the tea that one tried in the Northern Lao Province of Phongsali, earlier this year.

Mmmm... misty, damp, deep forested mountain taste...