Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moving Tea

The above picture of cherry blossoms in full bloom was taken through a rain soaked window at the end of March this year in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. How beautiful they were tossing about in the trees, covered in drops of rain.

This city, the tea capital of Canada, will be ones home for the time being. One should arrive tomorrow, the tea will arrive in about a weeks time.



Lewis said...

Is Victoria the tea capital of Canada? I would have guessed Vancouver.

Matt said...


Victoria not only has the oldest China Town in Canada but is also influenced heavily by English royal tea traditions. It's the only place in Canada that hosts an annual tea festival.

With that said, the large multicultural city of Vancouver must be a close second!

Thanks for stopping by Lewis.


MarshalN said...


It's a nice town, although a little stuffy sometimes, with far too many tourists. At least you missed the rain season.

Matt said...


The puerh stash must be beaming over the prospects of 'stuffy weather'! It must be in the mail right now... soon it will arrive to humidity- glorious rapid aging conditions (certainly better than the prairies)!

Guess you know all too well about moving tea as it seems that you are always on the move. Where are you now?

You also seem to have your fair share of experiences with computer problems.

Ones old, modest laptop is in the shop right now.

Perhaps ones tea and computer will make it home soon... new posts will follow.

Until then...