Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tornado Style of Buncheong

This tea drinking bowl is more typical of Lee Kang Hyo's style.

A grey base with swirling white on the inner and outer walls of the bowl. Like the tornado of our ever moving mind, it mirrors within what it sees without.

Picking up with it oranges and pinks torn from the earthen clay below.

Are you able to calm your turbulent mind as you take a sip?



MarshalN said...

I think this swirling style is what the Japanese call hakeme. I've seen this for tetsubins too, where the artist creates this swirling effect on the iron body, which is quite cool.

I'm going to guess this is something the Japanese got from the Koreans (where else?) in terms of pottery...

Matt said...

True-true Marshaln,

This type of buncheong is called 'gye yal' in Korean and 'hakeme' in Japanese. Many Japanese potters have tried to replicate this style that was first developed by Korean potters.

The brush stroke of the gye yal usually occurs spontaneously, within seconds- it is a true expression of Zen.