Sunday, April 2, 2023

2018 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: spacy Qi Floating Body

 I had an unintended 2 month gap from the other BaoHongYinJi samples including the BaoHongYinJi Wanggong vertical sample set which this sample comes from…

Dry leaf is a very sweet fruity deep forest odour.

First infusion is a fruity deep Forest taste.  There is a deep layered almost dried appricott and deep first sweet taste.  Deep throat feel and mouth watering mouthfeeling.  Qi is strong and spacy even off the first pot!

Second infusion has a layered deeper peachy apricot taste with a chalky full mouthwatering feeling.  Lots of saliva producing with a pop of sour taste before returning in layers of deeper sweetness.  Strong qi spacy with some heart beats. There is a lingering astringency not strong like the 2017.

3rd has an oily dense peachy pear forest deep taste.  There is a silty oily chalky feeling in the mouth.  Nice spacy feeling.  Returning canned peaches and dried apricot taste. 

4th has an ashy Forest woody almost wood bark coco with a thick oily peachy taste that cuts through it all.  Spacy and relaxing qi.  Not much astringency.

5th has a peachy ashy Forest almost bitter wood bark coco.  Relaxing and a bit spaced out.

6th is left to cool and has a woody mild bitter coco oily fruity builds as saliva is produced.  Nice fruity coco oily taste.  Silty chalky feel.

7th is cooled down and is an woody Forest oily developing coco with returning peachy apricot sweet layered deep fruit.

Nice chalky silty feeling.  Relaxing spacy qi with light floating body feels good.

8th has a oily fruity deeper taste with Forest notes faint astringency and bitterness enough to give it depth. Relaxing floating body is very nice.

9th has a silty peachy woody forestry oily taste. Oily almost bitter coco but more oily fruity in the aftertaste which creates nice depth with a bit of astringency and bitterness.

10th is a milky coco woody Forest bitter sweet with much less fruity depth and more coco balance.  

I mug steep out the rest and it has a bitter slight coco Forest taste.  Relaxing Qi feelings.

I sampled the 2017 and 2018 a few months apart but The more powerful astringency of the 2017 and less bodyfeeling makes this 2018 my pick of the two.  The 2018 isn’t as powerful but the significant floating body Qi is one of my favourites.  Just going off power and ability to age the 2017 should be your option.


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