Saturday, March 18, 2023

2017 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: Astringent Power & Strongly Disarming Qi!

 This 2017 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong is a part of the

vertical set offered by Liquid Proust.  It’s a strong one…

Dry leaves have a faint bread-like with a creamy fruity candy sweetness.

First infusion has a creamy sweet milky sweetness that turns into an almost fruity quality there is a vibrant sweet tastes left in the mouth that is almost carrot and dirt like and almost cherry-strawberry like. Nice smooth chalky mouthfeeling with a slightly stickiness.  Relaxing focusing peace reaches over me.

Second infusion has a creamy sweet milky woody onset with a bit of a smooth but gripping mouthfeeling.  Has some astringent pucker to it and a spacy mind Qi.

Third infusion is creamy sweet almost milky woody and full feeling in the mouth with an oily mouthfeeling with mild pucker.  The sweetness and saliva return with an oily pop of cherry sweetness that makes the mouth feel sticky. 

Fourth infusion has a sour grape sour cherry onset with significant puckering sour taste.  Sour and astringency are stronger here with cherry fruity sweetness underneath the gripping mouthfeeling and sour tastes.  The astringency can be felt in the stomach a bit.

Fifth infusion sour milky sweet fruity almost carrot woody but creamy and slightly oily.  Nice returning almost coco tastes.  Strong spacy Qi makes me feel tired and unfocused.

6th has a sour punch of fruity taste with astringent and oily feeling and texture.  Strong Qi kicks my ass into some form of uselessness which is never my preferred state at work…totally spaced out and useless and the astringency is felt in my stomach as well here.  Some obvious strength of youth playing out.

7th has a peachy fruity oily viscus taste.  Nice returning sweet fruity taste a bit sour and astringent.  I need to step away from this pot until tomorrow… too strong for me now…

8th is picked up the next day… mild woody bitter fruity taste her with a mainly woody profile after the leaves were left in the pot for a day…  Feel some Qi in the Chest.  Mild spacy focusing.

9th has a candy sweet slight sour pucker sweetness there is a chalky dense mouthfeeling and oily texture with a mouthwatering effect strong chest opening and spacy Qi.  Long sweet cherry fruity finish in the mouth and deep in to the throat.

10th has a bitter woody onset with a lesser cherry sour sweet taste.  The mouthfeeling is a bit puckering but thinning.  Woody slight dry taste left in the mouth.  Chesty Qi with a spacy vibe and heavy shoulders.

11th infusion is left to cool and has a fruity taste with a faint cool pungent finish and creamy finish.  Nice Chest beats, heavy shoulders, and spacy energy.

12th has a bitter tart woody cherry fruity sweet taste over a chalky dry gripping taste.  Nice returning sweetness and puckering tastes a bit astringent.  Spacy energy.

This is the most astringent young and powerful of the BaoHongYinJiWangong vertical.  Lots of astringency, heavy shoulders bodyfeeling, and a Qi that renders me useless.  Long sweet cherry that at times is sour but can get deep into the throat.


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