Thursday, March 2, 2023

2014 BaoHongYinJi Bo He Tang: Deep Throat Flavours and Peace Out Qi

 I picked up a sample of this 2014 BaoHongYinJi Bo He Tang which goes for approx. $1295.00 for 357 g cake or a crazy $3.63/g.  Famous puerh area…

Dry leaves smell of pure sweet fresher fruity smells.

First infusion has a soft creamy peachy taste with a creamy sweetness that is left in the mouth.  Pure and peachy and creamy with a soft mouthfeeling and deep throat opening where the creamy sweetness slowly expands.

Second infusion has a creamy woody almost oat meal/ woody taste with an emerging sweetness of fruits with a deep throat transformation to creamy sugary sweetness deep in the throat.  Really nice classy thing happening here.  Peaceful Qi feeling.

Third infusion has a coco mild quick bitterness that moves toward some faint fruity and chicory taste.  Almost evolves into a licorice with some creamy fruity edges.  Nice lingering fruity coco deep in the throat.  A soft mouthfeeling with teeth coating.

The fourth infusion has a fruity coco taste that turns sweet sugar in the mouth with a lingering fruity coco finish deep in the throat.  Nice deep almost brown sugar evolution.  The mouthfeeling is more chalky and substantive here now.  Peaceful Qi with warming feeling expanding in chest and face.

5th infusion is left to cool and gives off a delicious chocolate cooc with icing sugar layer.  The sweetness expands and is long in the throat.  Nice soft chalky feeling.  Overall a pure sweetness with an edge of bittersweet.

6th has a delicious chocolate almost oat taste with a faint almost sort of fruity sweet taste and an expanding sugar/ brown sugar creamy sweetness in the throat.  Nice soft chalky mouthfeeling with teeth coating and deep throat opening.  Very peaceful feeling in the body and mind.

7th has a woody oat almost fruity but more of a chocolate taste.  Nice thicker slight dry chalky mouthfeeling with a woodier feeling now.  The creamy sweetness is deep in the throat.  There is a vegetal taste in the throat now too.  More gripping mouthfeeling.  Nice peaceful sort of spaciness. Heavy shoulders.

8th is left to cool and has a woody fruity taste with a chalky mouthfeeling.  What makes this puerh great besides how pure and nice it feels in the body and mind is this expanding deep creamy sweetness in the throat.

9th is put to a 30 second steeping and left to cool and gives off a woody creamy sweet faint coco breath taste with a nice peacefulness to it. 


I got back to the leaves the next day… and the 10thflash steeping is a watery woody slightly sweet tasting. The 11th I push it into a 5 minutes steeping and it’s left to cool and has a bitter rich buttered toffee sweetness.  Nice sandy mouthfeeling with deep throat cooling and sweetness lingering there. Nice gripping stimulating mouth- and throat-feeling.  Long woody sweet mouth salivating sweetness.  Peaceful Qi feeling. 

Shah8’s Tasting Notes


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