Tuesday, March 7, 2023

2013 BaoHongYinJi/ Wistaria Zhenren Yufeng: Harmoniously Long Sweet

 This is the famous blend collaboration between BHYJ and Wistaria the 2013 BaoHongYinJi/ Wistaria Zhenren Yufeng that goes for approx. $331.00 for 357 g cake or $0.92/g.  I got this as a free gift with purchase.

The long leaves have a very fruity odour with some bready scent as well.

First infusion has a watery woody taste that reminds me of Japanese Twig tea.  It has a faint fruity sweetness in there but mainly a dry bitter twig taste.  Faint creamy candy Yiwu like finish.

The second infusion has a rich creamy oily thick viscus and chalky mouthfeeling.  There are dry woody bark twig tastes balance with more prominent creamy sweet thick full creamy sweetness.  The body of this puerh is really nice stuff!  The thick chalky oily texture lays it on thick and the sweet creamy long taste seems to stick around forever.  This is really nice stuff that reminds me immediately of 2006 Wistaria Taihe.

The third infusion has a creamy thick oily mouthfeel sweetness.  There is this long creamy almost candy and honey long sweet thick taste. Nice full chalky fluffy mouthfeeling that has edges of stickiness in the throat and lips.  Qi is harmonious in the body and makes the body feel light with a bit of chest opening and limbs heavy. 

The fourth infusion has a creamy thick oily chalky sweet onset there is some dry twig but less now and a returning fruity sweetness and long cooling breath.  The aftertaste is creamy bready candy chalky full sweetness.  The mouthfeeling is really nice here with a full thick oily/chalky feeling but also some faint tight edges that really push the sweet taste far.

The fifth infusion has a woody watery taste initially that sort of has a sweet bready finish in the mouth.  There is a faint sweetness over a faint chalky and with sticky edges feeling in the mouth. The thickness and oily texture is not there like it was in the first few infusions.  Chest opening and light limbs.  

The 6th has a watery creamy sweetness that almost tastes like Lucky Charms cereal.  The sweet tastes linger in the mouth.  There is a long mild creamy sweet taste now.  It lingers long in the mouth over a chalky feeling.  Mind relaxing with deep breathing.

7th has an oily clear faint candy watery taste.  The mouthfeeling and throatfeeling has softened with a faint long candy.  The profile weakens quickly but what is left is smooth.

8th is water with faint woody and not much sweetness…  There is no bitter or astringency at all throughout the session this is a really smooth a layered experience that unfortunately fades out within the first handful of infusions.

The mug steepings… have a dry woody taste to them.  The Qi is super strong in a calm way- you can really feel the chest heavy and limbs light with shoulders heavy.  Super chill energy here.


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