Saturday, February 25, 2023

Mr. Chen’s Old Tea Selection Part 2

The description says this could be 70s-90s material and I agree.  I think I might peg these at 80s material and it’s interesting to compare to the 80s Village Liubao from TeasWeLike I sampled blindly The village Liubao being a bit better quality and value but I’m not really a big fan of Huangpian which this brick is.  For lovers of Huangpian you should really give this a try as it has really clear storage on it.  I enjoyed it.  This brick goes for approx $234.00 for 250g brick or $0.94/g.  I received this as a free sample for review…

Dry leaf smell like old dry shu puerh stale dry leaves and faint incense smoke.

First infusion has a light sweet water almost plum fruit taste with lesser fallen leaf.  Dry gripping mouthfeel.  Subtle cooling. No shu processing here.

Second has a sweet fruity onset with a creamy almost tropical fruit chalky taste.  Really tasty and sweet. Almost a pastry sweetness.  Dry gripping mouthfeel.  Taste is up front with a lingering fruit finish.  Mild Qi feeling of relaxing.  More obvious Huang Pian leaves profile.

3rd has an incense woody plum perfume taste to it.  Mild dry coating.  Some sweet fruits are hard to grasp now.

4th is left to cool and gives off light incense notes and subtle plum and almost tropical fruit in a kind of pastry chalky sweetness.  Mild relaxing qi.

5th has a watery woody onset with faint incense and plum.  Mouthfeel is a mild dryness.  Mild warming and relaxing Qi.

6th has a plum woody incense onset over a slightly dry mouthfeel.  Mild warming and relaxing energy.

7th is a watery woody some rich woody taste.  There is some faint incense and the mouthfeel is a mossy full feeling.

8th has a watery faint woody plum taste.  Mossy slight drying mouthfeel.

1990s Mr.Chen’s Senh-ly Airplane

A 357 g cake goes for approx $ 332.00 or $0.93/g.  I received this sample free for review. states in the description that this has Natural Taiwanese storage unlike the other dry stored samples previously reviewed from Mr. Chen’s selection.  I’m supposed by that because my same looks, smells, and tastes dry stored…

Mix of many tippy furry dry leaves smells of creamy sweetness and plum odour.  Tips still looking pretty white and hairy.

First infusion has a brassy creamy sweet taste that reminds me immediately of Northern Puerh.  There is a creamy almost caramel licorice taste.  Tippy light and salivating.  Wet mouthfeel with mossy finish.

Second is left to cool and is a creamy brassy copper with a sweet almost melon caramel sweetness.  Too me tastes younger than 90s.

Third infusion has a bitter almost sour caramel taste.  There is a brassy copper taste.  Mild qi experience with a soft gaze and subtle floating feeling in the body.

Fourth has a sour, peach pear onset with a creamy caramel sweetness.  Mossy sticky mouthfeel.  Sour taste is getting stronger.  Definitely Northern puerh Simiao or Menghai doesn’t taste like 90s tea - still too young.

5th has a sour almost soapy taste with a creamy sour peach pear taste.  Nice five flavours taste with sweet, sour, salty, bitter and bland in there.  Deeper qi feeling of subtle floating and relaxing.

6th has a sour soapy bitter less sweet fruity taste now.  Subtle floating qi with some spacing out.  Mossy sticky mouth and thoat feeling.

7th sour strong bitter slight salty and sweet. Bitter and sour more than sweet now.  

8th watery woody brassy salty finish in the mouth. Salty woody finish with faint cooling and sweet.

This puerh has decent stamina and can still go a bit longer…

Overall Light clear profile of Northern puerh (maybe Simiao region)with deeper qi sensations like floating and deeper relaxation.  Five flavours taste and lots of clarity from the dry storage .  Hard time finding anyone that would blind guess this to be as old as 90s.  I guess my own storage would be dry enough to do the same.



  1. Cultural Revolution brick is famous as a shu. Also, it's made with grade 8 and 9 leaves even if it were sheng, not huangpian. This shouldn't be called a Cultural Revolution Brick. This is a Cultural Revolution brick:

    This is just some random Zhongcha brick made with huangpian.

  2. Shah8,

    I equally had an issue with the name. It makes no sense at all to me having actually tried some stuff from the 70s before. It just creates confusion. I went in thinking that it could very well be but even the dry leaf tells you it isn’t even trying to fake a Cultural Revolution Brick. I put the name in quotes and moved on.

    Did you get a chance to try this 90-80s Huangpian?


  3. Of course not. I have not bought from since I wanted to try the BHYJ BHT, which is well before this or any other Chen product was in stock.

  4. Shah8,

    Didn’t mean to offend. I remember Paolo did send you a bunch of samples and I got these free for review with the BHYJ samples that I will review with some other BHYJ from other distributor in the next posts.

    Feel free to add anything you see fit.

    As you know the Cultural Revolution Period in China is referring to a historical period of which this brick also has no connection with.

    It’s an unusual choice for a name because you …

    Either Mr. Chen believes that these are Cultural Revolution Bricks and the source is no longer be trusted.


    Paolo is simply humouring Mr. Chen to save face.


    Paolo has deliberately chosen this name to deceive or misconstrue.


    Paolo has deliberately chosen the name and doesn’t understand the historical context of the name or it’s connection to a specific puerh brick.

    Either way it’s not a good name for this one.


  5. Matt, you've omitted one option....
    Once again Paolo simply doesn't know what he's talking about and is unable to distinguish the approximate age of tea.
    After reading your previous review of these "90's" teas the age and quality claims are at best dubious if not outright fraudulent. The prices are extraordinary
    for cakes with no provenance that we're expected to take on faith. It's all a bit sad as this vendor doesn't realise the importance of a modicum of credibility. Was looking at the Global Tea Hut site (the tea monk is Paolo's mentor). All the tea is 90's old tree etc and very expensive. Teacher & pupil!