Saturday, January 29, 2022

Acclimating Bamboo Tea Tables

This is a topic I have never read about before nor have I ever heard any discussion of it.  It’s something I have been recently thinking about…More specifically I have been reflecting on this question…

Why has my current bamboo tea table (which I use in my home setup) lasted 4-5x longer than any other bamboo tea table I have ever owned?

I believe the quality of my current bamboo tea table is similar to that of the previous I have owned.  I use it everyday just like the previous ones. However I am using it in a different, much drier, climate…

So why has it lasted so long?

I think it might have something to do with the bamboo tea table acclimating for many years in the extremely dry climate here before it was used?


Something to do with it never being used in a humid climate first then moved to a dry climate? Or just the idea that it’s use in a very dry climate puts much less wear on it?

I remember buying some antique Chinese furniture many years ago.  The seller told me that the furniture had not yet acclimated to the humidity levels in Canada and it could therefore naturally warp as it adapts to the climate.  He said it could compromise the structure of the furniture even if it isn’t that noticeable. Those who play piano may also know a little about acclimating.  When a piano is moved it should sit in its new environment for at least 3 weeks before it can be tuned.

The current bamboo tea table was actually purchased locally in one of those local online sellers forums. The previous owner bought it in China but it just sat in its box, never ever used, for many many years.  I wonder if the longevity of my current table has anything to do with it fully acclimating before use?

Or maybe its longevity has to do with the fact that it is so damn dry here that water which comes in contact with the bamboo evaporates much quicker in this climate causing less wear and tear?

I’m still not sure?  Does anyone out there have any thoughts, background, or experience with anything like this? 

Also I have just recently noticed the first early signs of some more serious wear on the table and was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good place where I can buy one of these online?

I might have to acclimate it for a few years before use… or maybe just a few weeks…


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