Saturday, March 11, 2023

2014 BaoHongYinJi Wangong: Invigorating Qi Wanggong!

This was the next series of posts features BaoHongYinJi Spring Wanggong vertical Sample set purchased from Liquid Proust.   After the 2013 last post I was ready for some top grade Wangong and this didn’t let me down…

Dry leaves have a sweet fruity odour to them almost dried fruity like.

First infusion has a grains cereal onset with a woody grain emerging sweetness over a watery and subtle lubricating feel.  There is a long candy like finish here… really nice.  Strong Qi Chest opening.

Second infusion has a caramel fruity and pungent full mouth sweetness with some faint smoke woody far in the distance the taste is really dense and full and has a pop of dense layered fruity tastes.    The mouthfeeling and throatfeeling is of opening and chalky full feeling.  Nice lubricating saliva.  Coco tastes minutes later as well as floral tastes.  Lots going on very full with strong Qi, quite satisfying.

Third infusion has a fruity cherry coco pop of oily and dense cherry coco sweetness.  Very nice rich taste.  Some more distinct coco bitterness here but also quite oily texture and a silty full mouth- and throat-feeling.  Vibrant cherry fruity taste with faint smoke and coco dense and long finish.  Some creamy sweet tastes in there.  Strong Chesty Qi with a bit of warmth to flush the face. 

Fourth is left to cool and gives off an oily fruity pop of tastes creamy and fruity with a faint smoke and deep rich coco finish.  Dense presentation of flavor in an oily texture and smooth silty full mouth and throat with deep throat opening. Strong spacy Qi with stimulating Chest beats. This Qi is a bit more invigorating that the 2013 more energetic flow and less limbs and body floating.

The fifth is left to cool and gives off a smooth almost caramel sweet creamy very faint incense smoke.  There is a silty mouthfeeling and throatfeeling with deep throat opening and a coco finish in the mouth with some creamy sweet edges.  Nice Chest energy and energetic spacy Qi.

The sixth infusion has a milky caramel almost creamy fruity onset that moves to a slightly woody but more prominent bitter-sweet coco.  Strong Chest beats and energetic mind euphoria.  Smooth silky silty mouthfeeling and throatfeeling.  Chalky coco long finish.

Okay I lost a few of the infusions here but I’m onto the long mug steeping and its really perfume, rich berry pop in the initial taste with a berry cherry fruity oily taste.  The rich oily taste is really satisfying to me.  Has a pungent coolness throughout that expands in the mouth and throat over an oily silty full feeling a bit of creamy taste appears with fruity and mild coco.  It almost tastes like one of those cherry chocolate candies you get in a box of chocolates.  Strong Qi races the chest and alerts the mind… Oops I won’t be sleeping until late tonight… better post some blog posts!


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