Sunday, September 12, 2021

It’s been a good week: 2021 Tea Encounter Brand Puerh Tasting:

Well, first of all, the rainy cooler late Summer weather that hit a week or two ago gave way to warmer weather.  Just enough to squeeze in some good fresh Sheng samples from Tea Encounter.  It has been a tradition of the last few years for me to sample Tea Encounter’s freshest offerings from their annual catalogue around this time.  It’s a thing I have started to take some enjoyment in and am always thankful for the experience.

I noticed that Alex of Teanotes has a head start on his reviews of these.  I will be sure to reference his notes along the way. The package arrived and I have started to swim through the all house brand Tea Encounter puerh.

I stated with the good stuff a Guafengzhai and Chawangshu sampling….

And I can tell you it was a good week to be alive!



  1. Matt,

    Are these free samples provided by the vendor. If so, it should be disclosed that this is a paid promotion.

  2. Carlos,

    These samples, like in the three years previous, were provided free for review. I have a policy of disclosing this sort of thing sometimes in the introduction or in the actual review. That is why I am so thankful to receive them hahaha…