Monday, November 30, 2020

Revisit: 2015 Biyun Lishan Gongcha

This was a pretty straightforward and very enjoyable puerh when I  tried it blind in the summer.  I’m sampling it again a day after re-visiting the 2013 Biyun Hao Mahei and 2 days after 2015 Biyun Hao Yibi Tedagushu with hopes of a nice comparison coming next post. 

Dry leaves have a faint sweet cereal odour.  Lots of subtle honey sweetness with expansive and long fluffy candy sweetness in the aftertaste.  Very pure and elegant with soft full light chalky fluffy aftertaste with a light oily lubricating feeling.  Very elegant in the body as well with some Heart thumping and focused relaxation.  A big stoner Qi develops with this one over long elegant long breath honey and candy sweetnesses.  The downside to this puerh is weaker stamina but it is actually quite common for puerh that is this highnoted and subtle.  The infusions in the later infusions turn to woody and somewhat astringent slight bitter.  

Overall I really like this elegant and Qi heavy puerh.  I knew what to expect this time and felt the energy of this puerh really put me in a good spot today!  I think this session turned out better than the first blind tasting.  The very long elegant finish is something spellbinding!



  1. There is something magical about having tea with snow outside.

    1. Curigane,

      It’s magic four months of the year here!!! Hahaha


  2. ihihi here a couple of weeks only :)