Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Yin/Yang of Seasoning Yixing

When preparing tea there is Yin and Yang.  Yang is potential energy, the tea leaves.  Yin is nourishing energy, the water.  You cannot separate Yin and Yang.  Without tea leaves and water there is no tea.

When acquiring a new yixing teapot you should always season it first.  What are you seasoning?

You are bringing harmony to the clay.  You are imparting and setting the deep energetics of Yin and Yang into the essence of the teapot.

To season yixing you should use a pot that is not metal.  In this pot you bring fresh spring water to a boil. When the boiling point is reached you reduce to a gentle simmer and gently immerse the teapot in the boiling water. Then you add the tea leaves you will actually use in that new teapot.  Boil it until the water turns dark from the tea leaves, until Yin and Yang are in harmony.  Remove teapot from the tea leaves and water decoction.

If the exact same leaves and water are used in the future in this seasoned teapot, true harmony can be achieved.

When Yin and Yang are in perfect harmony, what is this?


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