Thursday, June 28, 2012

Video of Hong Kyeong-Hee Preforming The Korean Powdered Tea Ceremony

This is a rare glimpse of a Korean tea master preforming the often controversial Korean powdered tea ceremony at the recent Korean Tea Exhibition. Hong Kyeong-Hee teaches tea at Inje University and the Panyaro Institute for the Way of Tea. It is important to note there are many variations of the Korean powdered tea ceremony because there is much freedom in presentation and movements.  Natural presentation is most valued in Korean tea ceremonies.



Eric Glass said...

Never thought any of my video's would be of much use. Now I'm glad I uploaded this one. So sad the gayageum lost a string during the presentation. And just to add, Hong Kyeong-Hee's professional name is Master Hyo-am.
-Eric Glass

Matt said...

Eric Glass,

Thanks for the wonderful video!

It sometimes happens that the gayageum looses a string during a solo. However it is not so common to smash the gayageum on stage and then proceed to light it on fire a la Jimi Hendrix. Hahaha

Gayageum + Korean tea ceremony = perfect match


Unknown said...

What a beautiful video. Breathtaking. This is a pure tea spirit moment that brings a great feeling of peacefulness.
Thank you.

Patrick said...

It was great seeing my head in most of this video.

I too expected the performance to take on a jimi hendrix twist after the broken string, but thats the thing about korean tea ceremony, it does exactly the opposite of what you expect.

Thanks for the post

-Patrick Penny

Matt said...

Charlotte billabongk,

Another "pure tea spirit moment" strikes again! Hahaha...

Thanks for showing your true appreciation for such things.

Patrick Penny,

Unfortunately they stopped rolling the camera or you would have saw what she actually did to that poor gayageum. Hahaha...

Never a dull moment when experiencing a Korean tea ceremony.


Jason M. Cohen said...

Dear Matt,

It was great to have Master Hyo-am at Penn State, and even better to work with him harvesting and producing tea with some of my students from the Institute this summer in Korea.

We have written as good amount about those experiences on my blog Thanks for keeping us in the tea-world news!

All the Best,
Jason M. Cohen

Matt said...

Jason M. Cohen,

Thank you Jason.

For those who are interested in Jason's Korean related posts please follow this link: