Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Teapot by Master Sel Young Jin

The material of this pot- the texture and colour is woodsy.

The texture of the pot in ones hands feels soft and rough. It is wet, rough beach sand between the fingers. The texture of this pot makes one smile.

Especially beautiful is the blotching covering the handle and the area where it attaches which inevitably becomes the initial focal point of the piece.

One attention is sustained by this pots carefree high looping handle. This capricious handle is cleverly balanced by the downward looping spout on the opposite side.

The form of this pot suggests action from the upward motion of tilting the handle to the downward motion of pouring tea. The middle bulbous body of the pot harness this movement, centering and concentrating it on the water and tea which embrace each other as tea steeps inside.

The flow of tea from the spout, and the peace from which its slow pour suggests, is like no other. A perfect pot for enjoying Korean Greens.

Like the soft trickle of a sparse mountain stream, ones mind flows free once more.



Brett said...

absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Matt said...


Thanks for enjoying.


geneviève meylan said...

I like the color and specially the spout : the form at the end is as if it was water dropping ! that is very original and nice !

Matt said...


The spout is beautiful and very unique to Sel Young Jin tea pots. You can almost picture little water droplets hanging of its edge.

This form a trademark of Sel Young Jin's pots.